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    1. Choose your film. We give you the opportunity to book Dogwoof's documentaries for corporate, community and educational screenings. Our different packages give you access to both premiere and classic titles ripe for the screening.

    2. Purchase the license. Purchasing the screening license enables you to screen the film to your network. You can host a screening wherever you want: cafes, corporate meeting rooms, big museums, hotels, rooftops or in your backyard.

    3. Screen your film. Seal the deal with the online payment and go spread the word. We'll send you a special screening DVD of the film in time for your screening.

    Do you have more questions? Please read the FAQs or contact us! 


    Here’s our UK pricing structure for screening films. Fees are per screening and prices include UK VAT (deducted for screenings outside EU). Prices vary for territories outside the UK. If you’re not sure which tier applies to you, contact us.

    Premiere films
    You can screen a film at the same time as it's in cinemas and take advantage of the nationwide PR and marketing happening for the film's theatrical release. We also send you marketing materials and list your screening online so your audience won't miss out on the buzz.
    • Individual / Education / Film Society / Small Business: £250
    • National / International Organisation / Corporation/ Political Party: £500
    Classic films
    Find your film from our award-winning catalogue. 
    • Individual / Education /  Film Society / Small Business: £150
    • National / International Organisation / Corporation/ Political Party: £250


    Do you want to explore the possibilities of a partnership with us on one special event? If you have an idea for a rolling screening programme or an awesome collaboration with your company, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can talk about developing a partnership: contact.