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    Who can take part?

    Individuals, Companies, University Societies, Charities, Film Clubs, Agencies, Venue Managers, Families, Grandmothers, Grandmasters, all are welcome.

    What kind of venue can I screen in?

    Museums, meeting rooms, pubs, football clubs, offices, village halls, schools, universities, shops, parks, pretty much anywhere can be a screening venue if you think sideways. We've had all sorts... even polytunnels.

    Do I need a special license?

    No, Dogwoof provides you with the license rights to screen the film.

    When can I screen the film?

    You can screen as soon as films are released in cinemas in order to take advantage of the promotion for the film’s general release. Or if you want to screen the film before it hits the cinemas, please contact us.

    When can I book the film?

    As soon as it appears on the Popup Cinema website. This can potentially be months before the film’s release meaning you have plenty of time to integrate your screening into the film’s nationwide campaign.

    What equipment do I need?

    We provide you a special screening DVD of the film a week before the screening date. It’s up to you to source a projector unless the venue already has one.

    Can I screen on another format other than DVD?

    If you need a DCP for traditional cinema screening, please drop us an email to arrange the disk for you. Due to the production fee it will cost an extra £50.

    Can I keep the DVD?

    Screeners for all catalogue and premiere film bookings must be returned to the Dogwoof Office (19-23 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QN, UK). We will provide you a return envelop to send back the disk to our office. Any additional screenings should be licensed through the Popup Cinema website.

    What experience do I need?

    No experience necessary! You just need a venue which can hold a public screening and a little saviness to fill it. Remember, your screening will have the support of the film’s national PR and marketing campaign behind it which is a great asset to generating an audience.

    Who’s behind it?

    Founded in 2004, Dogwoof is the UK’s leading documentary distributor. We have theatrically released a huge range of award-winning and highly popular films including Blackfish, Dior and I, Cartel Land, Iris, The Look of Silence, The Act of Killing, Cutie and the Boxer, Restrepo, The Queen of Versailles, Food Inc,. The House I Live In, The Age of Stupid, Food, Inc., Dreams of a Life, and The Spirit of ’45.

    The Dogwoof team are here to help and can provide ideas for local sponsorship, how to go about local PR and how to maximize your event with speakers, DVD sales etc. Feel free to get in touch with us. 

    How much does it cost?

    Here’s our UK pricing structure for screening films. Fees are per screening and prices include UK VAT (deducted for screenings outside EU). Prices vary for territories outside the UK. If you’re not sure which tier applies to you, contact us.

    Premiere films

    You can screen a film at the same time as it's in cinemas and take advantage of the nationwide PR and marketing happening for the film's theatrical release. We also send you marketing materials and list your screening online so your audience won't miss out on the buzz.

    • Individual / Education / Film Society / Small Business: £250
    • National / International Organisation / Corporation/ Political Party: £500
    Classic films

    Find your film from our award-winning catalogue. 

    • Individual / Education / Film Society / Small Business: £150
    • National / International Organisation / Corporation/ Political Party: £250

    What to do if the DVD is faulty?

    Having checked the film in full before your screening, if you notice a fault, you will need to re-book a replacement copy. Please contact Dogwoof, who will then book a replacement copy of the film for you on the condition that the original screening copy is returned immediately. If Dogwoof is not notified of a faulty film prior to the screening date, full flat fee will apply.

    Where should I return the DVD? 

    To prevent unauthorized distribution or screening of the film without a valid license, we urge you to return the screener within 7 days after the screening to Dogwoof via recorded delivery to:

    19-23 Ironmonger Row
    EC1V 3QN
    United Kingdom

    Please note that any additional screenings of the film must be licensed through the Popup Cinema website.


    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!