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    Collection of the Month


    From football to chess, ballroom dancing to bare-knuckle fighting, over the years, Dogwoof has released a variety of documentaries telling incredible, poignant and sometimes humorous stories of sportsmanship.

    Our latest premiere title, BEST (GEORGE BEST: All By Himself), is about George Best, football’s first rock and roll star – a handsome, charismatic Belfast boy who could thrill and excite the crowds with every turn of the ball.

    Another inspiring documentary, SPEED SISTERS tells the story of the first all-woman race car team as they turn heads at improvised tracks across the West Bank.

    Also telling the emotional story of sportsmanship against all odds, is Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin’s Academy Award winning documentary UNDEFEATED. The film is an intimate chronicle of three underprivileged student football players from inner-city Memphis and the volunteer coach trying to help them beat the odds on and off the field.

    For those looking for a little more humour comes MEN WHO SWIM, which looks at a group of middle ages men who find unlikely success as members of Sweden’s all male synchronised swimming team.

    Check out more incredible sporting stories below!